How can I get a quote for Wedding Entertainment?

Simply get in touch either via email or on phone 01 201 3660. To give you the most accurate quote, we need the following information:

1. Event date

2. Venue location
3. Start/finish times
4. Number of guests attending (to get a idea of your sound & lighting requirements)
5. Any other special requirements
We will then check our availability for you, and get back to you regarding your date as soon as is possible.

 Does your quote include DJ equipment hire?

If needs be. Our Wedding DJs are able to either walk in and hook up to an existing PA or supply up to a complete sound and lighting rig. Discuss your options with our booking team on 01 201 3660.

– How soon can I book?

As soon as possible.  Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis. Once a wedding band or DJ is gone, they are gone! Saturday would always be the most requested day, followed by Friday, Thursday and Monday (especially bank holiday ones). To make a booking, simply call or email to check availability.

– What time does the music usually start?
If you were sitting down for your evening meal at 6pm, it would usually be 9.30pm when your wedding entertainment would start, and you would be called for your first dance. Most bands will do a two or two and a half hour set, with a short break for evening refreshments. The DJ would usually play from 12am to 2am, depending on finishing times at your venue.

– What time will do the bands and DJs arrive?
We always arrive at your wedding venue in good time, at least one hour and fifteen minutes before our agreed start time, and in most cases, it only takes us 20 minutes to set up.  We will always contact you the week of your wedding, to confirm start/finish times and discuss any last minute changes/requests.

– What music do they play?
Whatever you want. Our wedding bands and DJs are capable of playing from any style or era.


Wedding bands (including, the Firm, The Funky Buskers,  Jungle Boogie, Speakeasy Swing Band, The Reflex, Havana Club Trio, The Switch, The Nouvelle Club,  and The Cuban All Stars) cover all types of music, as well as all decades of music back to the 1950s. Made up of some of Ireland’s most talented musicians, they have the experience and skill to make every wedding they play the perfect party. Come and see them first at one of our special FREE viewing nights, pick the band that’s ideal for you and work out the setlist with them before hand – all part of the wedding service.

– Why choose our wedding DJs?
Because we offer the best service in Ireland bar none. Our DJs are all experts in their field, skilled at getting an audience on the dance floor and keeping them there for the whole night. Our service differs because of the planning we put into each event, working with the client from the very start to create a playlist that is dedicated to their event alone – from the first dance to the final party anthems. Book safe in the knowledge that you’ll get exactly what you want.

– How many years of experience do you have?
We have been supplying DJs for weddings for twenty years, giving us vital experience in how to make such events work to their full potential. Our DJs know what to play, how to conduct themselves and offer the most professional service in Ireland.

– Will wedding DJs allow requests?
Of course, requests are always welcomed. If a song seems inappropriate however, our DJ will try and find a suitable alternative. This is one of the reasons that we work with clients in advance of the booking to create a bespoke playlist that will suit all guests.

– Are there any hidden fees or costs?
Never! All costs and fees are discussed with you and are included in the contract. Applicable taxes are already included in the price of our standard packages.